Loss Adjustment (Demo)

by Penetrode

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released November 3, 2015

Recorded by Kyle Gilbride



all rights reserved


Penetrode Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Secret Sects
you've spoken in your sleep
all through grinding teeth
I'll just pretend it meant nothing to me
I fucking wish you meant nothing to me

let me fill the void inside of you
I've spoken all your lies, they always feel new
your taste stains my teeth, why can't you stay away from me?

good thing I like it
there's nothing like it
will I find a way?
wrapped up in soaking sheets
I am trapped inside your dreams

well now, what'll happened to me?
cast aside, perpetually
I'll give your something to tempt: fate
so what will happen to me?
bleeding out in memories
do it again. break.
Track Name: Leather Gallery
blank eyes roll over me
this game's all they see
fetishized conformity

what do you want from me?
can't say if you won't speak
severed tongues fucking litter the streets

we are a disease

who even cares?
I'm for sale
in this leather gallery
Track Name: Castrati
Choir boy prepare for the worst
Castration station is here and you're first
Opera man with clippers in hand
One quick snip through a muscular strand

Castrati making the real sacrifice
One sick eunuch boy he sounds nice

Choir boy prepare for the worst
Castration station is here and you're first
Opera man with clippers in hand
One quick snip through a muscular strand
Track Name: Out To Lunch
Embraced. Praised. Behaved.
Abased. Dazed. Enslaved.
Crazed. Replaced. Disgraced.

It's getting longer
It's getting harder
I'm growing tired

Know I owe myself more
Worked my hands to the bone
Constant headaches keep twisting and turning
Cannot sleep on my own

Embraced. Praised. Behaved.
Crazed. Replaced. Disgraced.

Looking back wish I thought it through
Fifty years in the rearview
And now it's too late for something new
Track Name: End User Perspective
how can you be so numb?
you were always more than just a bit out of touch
you're 404
what will you think when I walk out the door?

you never chose a side
a fuck up taken in stride
a life without pain
another waste of time
we all have faults, you're mine

you'll fight, you'll spit
you'll throw a fucking fit
your waif is waiting

always dying to find a way
you'll take that to your grave
ask me to leave, beg me to stay

now I don't give a fuck
Track Name: Loss Adjustment
you watched me lose my mind
not a remnant left behind
I've been slurring my final rites
stumbling through another time

I listened, you're right
I don't deserve this life
waxing pathetic
like I'm fucking erudite

lost in shadows
consumed my strife
can't escape decaying minds

but I already hate myself

I'm empty and so are you
Track Name: Chinese Holiday
these words are tired
they're in disguise
I'm confused by my neurotic lives

I can't remember
we're so quick to forget
made up excuses that grew
in our heads

we crave the pain that we bring on ourselves
soon it'll be all we have left

over and over
again and again

pleading for answers I don't understand
now here I sit with my head in my hands
floating, finite, don't know what I mean
I am a threat to myself
is there a reason to fucking persist?